These Breathtaking Photos Give You the Best Views from Montreal’s Benches

With every bench comes a view, and the support needed to truly sit back and appreciate it. Inspired by the various Montreal benches he encounters every day and the breathtaking views they give us, staff photographer Kalden Dhatsenpa decided to document a series of benches that offer the city’s best perspectives. Take look at some of Montreal’s most spectacular scenes, from the vantage point of the benches used by Montrealers across town. 

Yasujirō Ozu was a celebrated Japanese director of the mid 20th century. He was praised for his disregard for standard cinema “rules” as well as his zen approach to filmmaking. One technique he used is called a “pillow shot”.  This entails using images of scenery, objects, or rooms to soften transitions between scenes and provide pauses and breath to the narrative.

Benches can provide the same kind of respite for busy days. The narratives of our lives progress every day and the pauses we find can be like oases of stillness and a brief reprieve from the hustle and bustle. Benches provide a comfortable space for these lulls. They let us take in our surroundings and allow us to rest, for however long our agendas let us. This series explores a fraction of these spaces in Montreal.





Place Jacques-Cartier

IMG_5553 IMG_5554 IMG_5559


Quai de l’Horloge

IMG_5601 IMG_5593


McGill Campus

IMG_5286 IMG_5290 IMG_5465


Biosphere Environmental Museum

IMG_5370 IMG_5375


Parc Jean Drapeau

IMG_5402 IMG_5380


Place Des Festivals

IMG_5438 IMG_5440


Philips Square

IMG_5455 IMG_5442


Concordia SGW Campus

IMG_5497 IMG_5509 IMG_5487


Olympic Park



George-Étienne Cartier Statue

IMG_5532 IMG_5525


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Photo series by Kalden Dhatsenpa