Chloe Wise: Pissing, Shmoozing, and Looking Away

Montreal native and queen of carbs, artist Chloe Wise returned home for the opening of her solo exhibit Pissing, Shmoozing and Looking Away at Galerie Division. The exhibit focused mainly on Wise’s sandwich and breakfast food designer bags series that includes pieces such as “Moschino English Muffin,” “Bagel and Locks,” and “Ain’t No Challah Back…

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History Lesson: The Cabaret du Mile-End

For the Cabaret du Mile-End, it’s the end of an era. Within the last five years, the venue has supported local performing arts communities. They’ve welcomed artists from all genres and all walks of life to their stage. And, most importantly, they’ve provided the backdrop for countless outstanding nights that Montreal’s showgoers won’t soon forget.…

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Doored Again! Discussing Bicycle Safety in Montreal

‘m biking along in the early morning, riding down Sherbrooke for just one block. Suddenly, a taxi door flies open in front of me and now I’m lying on the pavement: bike on top of me, left arm red and bruised, helmet visor broken off and lying in the street. I was doored. It didn’t hurt too badly—no…

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