Citizen Vintage Bridal Editorial

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and whether you celebrate it or choose to ignore it, you have to admit that it’s nice to show some love without using the “like” button. This holiday may or may not be your thing, but daydreaming never hurt anyone. That is exactly what the lovely ladies at Citizen Vintage had in mind when they decided to reveal three years of collected vintage wedding dresses in this stunning editorial. In addition, for the very first time since the friperie opened its doors in the Mile-End, private fittings will be organized by appointment.

A big thanks to the Cardinal Tea Room for providing the perfect setting for this delicate and naturally lit photo shoot.












Photographer: Martin Reisch
Model: Sarah Swiderski
Hair: Samantha Diamond
Make-Up: Kelty Lewis
Floral Arrangements: Floralia

Special thanks to Cardinal Tea Room.

For more information and to make an appointment call Citizen Vintage at 514-439-2774.