The Faces of the Inaugural Mile Ex End Festival

Mired in controversy after being scheduled so close to this year’s installation of Pop Montreal, the Mile Ex End Festival proved to be a charming, earnest affair with seemingly no intention of stealing Pop’s thunder. Taking place at the Van Horne Viaduct, the family-friendly festival came armed with inflatable dinosaurs, glowing orbs, and over 100 yards of hanging, string lights to add some trimmings to the large, dusty parking lot under the bridge.

Taking place this past Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 2nd and 3rd), the two-day festival, which was sunny on the first day but bogged down by torrential rain on the second, managed to pull off an (almost) seamless trial run. Booked as a bonafide indie rock festival, Mile Ex End’s roster included some of Montreal’s finest: from newcomers like Charlotte Cardin, Busty and the Bass, to veteran acts like Patrick Watson and the enigmatic Godspeed You! Black Emperor. On site as well were a variety of food trucks, from Nouveau Palais‘ Winneburger, Landry & Filles, and Café Pista‘s rolling coffee counter, complete with a never-ending lineup, as well as a handful of artisan pop-up stalls.

Well-paced and well positioned despite being uncomfortably close to the residentially Little Italy to the north, Mile Ex End was a satisfying end to a whirlwind summer festival season. See our photo recap below.