Tastemakers: Jeremy Wallace on the Art of the Bespoke Suit

It’s hard to miss Jeremy Wallace on the street. How many 20-year-olds do you know who rock an impeccably tailored bespoke suit, every day? From his designer shades to his buckle dress shoes, Jeremy epitomizes dressing for success. But this young Montrealer is more than just a pretty suit – he makes the pretty suits.

Only a short year-and-a-half ago, Jeremy launched Ben by Jeremy Wallace, his fast-growing custom suit company that promises the authentic “bespoke experience,” where the customer is involved in every step of the process. It’s a modern reincarnation of the lost art of suit-making: the customer is measured by a designer, who then aids the customer in developing a personal pattern and style, which is then sent off to Jeremy’s team of Italian tailors in St. Leonard, and voilà – a new man is made.


“It’s not just about clothing, I wear [suits] and feel more confident,” Jeremy explains. “I have seen studies where they compare guys in offices wearing casual clothing with guys wearing suits, and the guys in suits are more confident. It’s just the way it is.”

Currently studying Menswear Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Jeremy takes inspiration from the golden days of the suit. The “Ben” in his line’s name is his late grandfather, a smart dresser who preached the importance of hard work. “I appreciate so much everything he taught me, and now I always wear something of his,” says Jeremy, gesturing to his vintage cufflinks.

No matter if the suit is 500 bucks or 3000 dollars, if the fit is off, it just isn’t going to look nice.

A suit is a necessity, but a well-fitting suit is an investment. Jeremy advocates one thing above all: fit, fit, fit. “No matter if the suit is 500 bucks or 3000 dollars, if the fit is off, it just isn’t going to look nice,” he says. “That’s the beauty of made to measure, it’s guaranteed that the fit will be there.”

With the recent explosion of trendy menswear fashions, Jeremy’s is a refreshingly simple way to approach dressing. “I really dislike trends,” he proclaims. “The bottom line is that menswear hasn’t fundamentally changed in forever. GQ is still preaching the same stuff they were when they first started.”




Even though he’s moved on to the Big Apple, Jeremy still carries his hometown’s aesthetic with him. His time in New York has only confirmed to him how much of a stylish city Montreal is: “We’re not bad at all compared to larger cities like New York,” he assures me. “Montreal is just a great city for the men’s industry in general.”

A true businessman, Jeremy is always looking toward the next step – he hopes to start a wholesale line alongside his bespoke service after graduation. It seems he will not rest until every man owns a suit he can feel good in. “A well-fit suit… anyone can pull that off,” he says. “It’s not just something you wear to impress people, it’s a whole self-confidence thing.”

You can see what Ben by Jeremy Wallace is all about – and order a snazzy suit of your own – here.

Photography by Philip Tabah.