10 Awesome Photos from Ty Segall at POP Montreal

The award for rowdiest crowd at POP Montreal this year definitely goes to Ty Segall. Known for his fuzzy, psychedelic garage-rock, the San Francisco native played to a full house at Club Soda on Saturday night and, simply put, it was a whole lot of fun. The material from his latest album Manipulator made for an extremely upbeat set list, which Segall and his band delivered with high energy and the effortless prowess of a rock god.

Meanwhile, it seemed like the audience was freaking out before the band even began their first song. Forming a pit near the front of the stage, crowd members moshed frantically on the floor below and─although he wasn’t nearly as hyped up as his fans─it was clear that Segall wanted everyone to have a good time. When security tried to remove a fan who’d climbed onto the stage, he quickly stepped in and got security to back off. Cheers erupted and the stage dives were pretty much constant thereafter ─ even Segall joined in towards the end, crowd surfing and soloing at the same time.

Whether you’re filled with regret over missing the show or just want to relive the moment, here are 10 awesome photos of Ty Segall at POP.


Gallery images by Mathieu Deshayes. Feature image by Dominick Mastrangelo.